Watch: TI's Analog eLAB and X2Y® for RFI Susceptibility

PCB Mounting Techniques for X2Y® Filter Capacitors

These documents explain how to optimize filter performance by minimizing inductance when mounting X2Y® components on a PC board:

EMI Filter Design Methods and Examples

These papers demonstrate filter design techniques and show real-world performance examples using X2Y® capacitors for EMI filtering:

X2Y® Spice Model/Simulation OPtions

These links and papers are sources of SPICE models for X2Y® components and design tools that incorporate an X2Y® component library within the tool for circuit design analysis.

Component Model

The links below lead to downloadable zip files of the X2Y® HSPICE models for PC and UNIX and iSPICE models for PC from our various manufacturers. An equivalent circuit file for the models is also provided.

Component Model

Cadence Allegro® PCB PI OPTION, Release 15.7, Cadence® Allegro® PCB SI provides an integrated high-speed design and analysis environment for engineers creating complex digital PCB systems. Allegro® PCB PI option provides power integrity design and analysis at all frequency ranges of interest.


PI Advisor™, an optional tool for ANSYS SIWAVE™, is a full-wave electromagnetic field solver that automatically optimizes power distribution systems. ANSYS SIWAVE™ now provides a library of low-inductance X2Y® capacitors for simulation analysis in product designs


Altera’s Power Distribution Network (PDN) Design Tool is a graphical tool used with Altera® FPGAs to optimize the board-level PDN. The tool incorporates a library of low-inductance X2Y® capacitors and an “X2Y_Mount” tab to optimize mounting inductance. Altera’s AN 574 appnote describes PDN design methodology in detail.

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