Company Overview

The patented X2Y® Technology consists of proprietary electrode arrangements that are embedded in passive components. Components with X2Y technology can be manufactured in a variety of dielectric materials including ceramic, metal oxide varistor (MOV) and ferrite. The main embodiment of X2Y Technology is in a multi-layer ceramic capacitor, this allows capacitor manufacturers to license X2Y. End-users can then purchase X2Y® components just as they would any other passive component. Currently, there are six licensed manufacturers who make and sell X2Y components.

Delivering Market Needs

In today’s high performance circuits, the requirement for low system inductance becomes more critical than ever. The need for low inductance capacitors has become ubiquitous to all circuits. X2Y capacitors deliver the lowest inductance at the lowest system cost available today. Every segment of the electronics industry uses X2Y for bypassing and EMI filtering.

Customer Commitment

X2Y Attenuators, LLC promotes usage of X2Y® components by building relationships with end users. Our company can identify applications where X2Y components can save you money while increasing circuit performance. Whether through onsite technology presentations or working directly with a company’s engineering group, our engineering professionals can assist your company in realizing the merits of X2Y® Technology when applied in your products.

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