Technology Summary

X2Y® components deliver a leap forward in circuit performance versus ordinary multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). At the same time, X2Y® components share many common traits with the ordinary capacitors they replace to facilitate technology adoption by end-users and easy integration into existing product manufacturing processes. These common traits include:

  • Same component sizes
  • Same voltage and capacitance ratings
  • Same dielectric, electrode and termination materials
  • Same industry test standards for component reliability

What’s different about the X2Y® design?

An ordinary bypass capacitor has opposing electrode layers stacked inside. An X2Y® incorporates a third set of shield electrode layers to effectively surround each existing electrode within the stack of a two-terminal capacitor. The end result is a three-node capacitive circuit. The only external difference is two additional side terminations, creating a four-terminal device, which allows circuit designers a multitude of use options.

What are the main circuit uses of X2Y®?

  • EMI Filtering - dramatic reduction of conducted and radiated noise to meet Electro-magnetic Compatibility requirements.
  • Bypass/Decoupling - ultra-low inductance provides broadband high-frequency bypassing to increase circuit performance and reduce system cost through passive component reduction.

X2Y® capacitors are used in both EMI filtering and bypass/decoupling applications. The low parasitic design provides broadband performance with a single X2Y® device, replacing multiple passive components in either application use.

X2Y® for EMI Filtering

  • Replaces inductors and feedthru capacitors.
  • X2Y is used in bypass and adds no DC resistance.
  • Superior filtering for AC-DC power or high speed data lines.
  • Provides differential & common mode filtering with a single device.
  • Two capacitors in one package eliminates aging, voltage and temperature variations.
  • Matched line-to-ground capacitance, results in unmatched common mode rejection.

X2Y® for Bypass/Decoupling

  • Ultra-low equivalent series inductance (ESL)
  • Reduces component count and associated placement costs.
  • Dramatic reduction in vias used, which improves routing.
  • Using fewer components increases product reliability
  • Systems savings through circuit design simplification.
  • Cost effective on the IC package and the printed circuit board.

X2Y® Product Overview

X2Y® chip capacitors are currently available in standardized component sizes from 0402 to 2220. Capacitance values currently range from 1.5pF to 10uF in voltage ratings ranging from 6.3VDC to 1000VDC. X2Y capacitors are manufactured using typical MLCC dielectrics including NPO, X7R and X5R. The unique X2Y electrode design can also be embedded in a host of standard and specialized formats such as multilayer planar array, discoidal capacitors and large format chip capacitors.

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