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IPBLOX offers complete power delivery solutions. We provide innovative and cost effective solutions to many of the difficult power delivery challenges facing designers today. Our system approach yields results that meet or exceed requirements at the lowest possible cost and in the minimum space required. We can assist at almost any point in the process: From conceptual planning, requirements development, and detail design, to complete performance characterization and problem resolution in production systems.

Jastech emc consulting llc

EMC filter design, EMC test plan development, EMC training, Automotive, Military, Consumer, & Industrial. EMC Papers. Principal Jim Muccioli's background includes over twenty years of industry experience in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) design, analysis, and testing. Jim is a certified EMC Engineer, ESD Engineer, and Master EMC Design Engineer through iNARTE. Prior to founding Jastech EMC Consulting, Jim was Chief Technology Officer at X2Y Attenuators, LLC for over a decade and is uniquely qualified as an expert in the application of X2Y component technology in electronic designs.  

Teraspeed® Consulting Group LLC

Teraspeed Consulting Group LLC was formed to enable clients in the design and implementation of extreme performance systems. As independent consultants, they provide the knowledge and insight to help their customers become successful. Their experience and tools provide high-performance experience to help their customers leverage world-class designs.


Bogatin Enterprises specializes in making complex signal integrity topics easy to understand while strengthening engineering intuition. Our materials illustrate how rules of thumb, approximations and commercially available simulation tools can be used to quickly and efficiently solve signal integrity problems.

Cherry Clough

Founded by Keith Armstrong in 1990, Cherry Clough (pronounced cluff) Consultants is an independent company which helps manufacturers, installers, and users deal cost-effectively with EMI, EMC, RFI, compliance with the EMC and other European Directives, and EMC and safety regulations world-wide. Services include; Design-in EMC, Fixes for EMI, RFI and EMC, EMC and Functional Safety, on-site t echnical training and more.

For the latest Advanced PCB Design Techniques and other technical materials for EMC Design, check out the Keith Armstrong Portfolio on the compliance-club.com website.

Signal Consulting, Inc.

A highly acclaimed independent design consultant, Dr. Johnson pioneered the development of many new technologies including Phonemail, the first integrated voice messaging system, Gigabit Ethernet, as chief technical editor for that standard, and many other high-speed computing and communications architectures. He is the Signal Integrity columnist for EDN magazine and lectures regularly at Oxford University and selected corporate sites worldwide.

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc.

D.L.S. is a full service EMC/Safety Testing Laboratory offering testing, consulting, and problem solving for domestic, international, and military regulations. D.L.S. is also accredited to ISO Guide 17025 and is a U.S. CAB for the European EMC and R&TTE Directive.

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc. provides complete EMC testing and consulting. It is a fully equipped EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test facility, capable of testing electronic equipment to the requirements of the FCC, CISPR, IEC, NEBS and Military along with many other international and commercial standards. D.L.S. can test for both emission and immunity requirements and, when needed, make changes necessary to meet the requirements.

Elite Electronic Engineering

Elite Electronic Engineering is a full service test laboratory specializing in electromagnetic compatibility testing, electrical safety testing, environmental stress testing, and EMI/RFI consulting services.Elite serves defense industry suppliers, as well as clients in the commercial aviation industry, automotive, telecommunications, industrial equipment, and consumer products manufacturers.

electrical integrity

Istvan Novak's website is a valuable resource for the professional signal and power integrity engineering community. The content is split between signal and power integrity and including a Paper download section with a collection of manuscripts and presentation files, tools to illustrate important phenomena and principles in signal and power integrity, a QuietPower page of power distribution tidbits, recommendations and best-practice overviews and Links page is a collection of web links that I found useful for signal and power integrity purposes.

Kimmel Gerke Associates, Ltd.

KIMMEL GERKE ASSOCIATES, LTD. is an electrical engineering consulting firm that specializes in electromagnetic compatibility, a broad area of electrical engineering that deals with electronic interference or noise. An emphasis is on solving interference problems using proven design and troubleshooting techniques.

William Kimmel and Daryl Gerke, share over 70 years of experience in the electronics industry. Both are degreed Electrical Engineers, Registered Professional Engineers, and NARTE Certified EMC and ESD Engineers.

Download the company newsletter at this link: Kimmel Gerke Bullets

Agilent Technologies

Agilent delivers critical tools and technologies that sense, measure and interpret the physical and biological world. Our innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis to make technological advancements that drive productivity and improve the way people live and work.


Inter-Continental Microwave

Experience and High Technology Design provides the technical edge when it comes to manufacturing RF, Microwave, and High Speed Digital manual test fixtures and Automatic Device Handling Systems. Inter-Continental Microwave has the unique capability and the expertise to provide solutions to your test fixture needs.


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